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Free Attunements

I have listed here some of Free Empowerments

Nicole Lanning's and Stephanie Brail's Free Empowerments.

These are Self-Attunements and you may call these in, at any time, as the empowerments and ready and waiting for you.

These are free, with permission from Nicole and Stephanie, and are also to be shared freely along with the associated Manual.


Balance Out Energy Empowerment - when feeling overwhelmed or surrounded by chaos. Balance Out Energy Empowerment PDF

Pain Management Empowerment
- for temporary, symptomatic pain relief.

Pain Management Empowerment PDF


White Protection Energy Bubble Empowerment - for protection/shield against negative energies. White Protection Energy Bubble Empowerment


Psychic Protection Flame - for protection from psychic attack, and strengthening of the spiritual immune system.Psychic Protection Flame PDF


Shift Your Energy Empowerment - for shifting your energy system into positive mode. Shift Your Energy Empowerment PDF


Free Empowerments by other Spiritual Teachers 

and are also to be shared freely along with the associated Manual.

Earth Light Energy Attunement brought to you by Angela Grötsch - Use the Energy of Earthlight, when you want to help or support Mother Earth and the Earth Elementals.
When you send this energy along, the energy will come back to you again and support you.

Reiki self attunement _ Earthlight Energy.pdf


The Eclipse Energy Empowerment brought to you by Element Energy Center - To help you let go of that which no longer serves you and bring the new and better into your life. It will do so in the best way for you. It will help make the change more gentle and palatable. If you use this energy during an eclipse, it will help smooth out the eclipse
energies. However you do not need to use this energy during an eclipse.

Eclipse Energy Empowerment.pdf


Angels Heart Empowerment brought to you by Carol Ann Tessier

This empowerment will activate the Angels of Power, Wisdom and Love in the 3 Fold Sacred flame. This  is a wonderfull empowerment and Id really love to hear you feed back from it.

Angels Heart Empowerment.pdf


Chakra Flush Empowerment - Brought to you by Stephanie Brail.

The Chakra Flush is a very simple method to clear out stuck energy from the chakras. It is inspired by the Meridian Flushes, which work to flush the meridians.
The Chakra Flush is easy to use and activated by simple intention. It works just as well in person or over a distance. It is an excellent complement to Reiki or any other energy healing system.
The Chakra Flush is a cleansing energy. It does not energize the chakras but gently clears them of old blocks and stuck energies. By gently releasing the energetic wounds of the past, the Chakra Flush allows new positive energy to enter in.

 Chakra Flush Empowerment.pdf


Age Of Aquarius Attunement Brought to you by Elemental Reiki -

We, as a planet, are currently transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. While here is some debate on exactly when the switch will take place, a commonly mentioned date is 2012, or more specifically, 11/11/11 (2011). The Age of Pisces on the positive brought us our world religions, but it also brought us religious wars.

The Age of Aquarius will usher in energies favoring technology, communication, and community. Many spiritual teachers believe this will lead us into a new era of global peace and co-operation.

 Age Of Aquarius Attunement.pdf


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