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Namaste and a Very Warm Welcome to the Eternal Aquarius Reiki Section

I'm Rusty Wallis,  an Holistic practitioner,  Reiki Master and Teacher.

Through my Reiki journey I've found the balance and healing a gift, to help others. 

Empowering , yet humbling at the same time.  My journey continues and I hope through this site you to will feel and understand the benefits of Reiki, and all it offers.

Please feel free to contact me.

With love and light

Anjie x



This poem is something I wrote, as an expression of my path:


My path has been a winding road,

with dreams of gold, but huge pot holes.

It's changed direction,  many times,

But in you, I've found, this path of mine.

Like a stream that twists and turns,

I pick up knowledge, grow and learn

I cast my fears and woe's aside

You've shown me the way, with love and light.

My journey continues, this gift of mine,

and I pass it on, to you,  in time.  

Being a fully insured and registered Member of the Guild of Holistic therapists (MGHT) Means:

Should you choose to have a treatment with me, or be part of a course I run, you can be confident that it will be carried out by a fully Trained Professional Therapist:

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